The Duplicity Theory of Vision

Back when I was a student, the library used to gave away outdated text books for free. I used to take home old hardbacks and doodle on the pages, guilt-free (seeing as I was saving the books from a rubbish-bin death).

The following sketch was done in a book called ‘Recent Experiments in Psychology’, published in 1938. The particular pages discuss ‘the duplicity theory of vision’, and that’s where I got the idea for my drawing.

Felt tip pen on (soft, dusty and very old) paper.

I’ve had this particular book for several years now, and I’m slowly filling it with my sketches.


3 thoughts on “The Duplicity Theory of Vision

  1. What a great idea for the old book, and you got inspiration for the sketch. Super! Do we gat to see the other pages yet?

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