Project Ocean @ Selfridges


I’ve been working with Fauna & Flora International to create life-size marine turtle sculptures for Selfridges’ Project Ocean. The sculptures will be exhibited at Selfridges on Friday, May 13th, so head to Oxford Street and check them out! (If you can’t make it, the turtles will be displayed by Guerrilla Science during their creative workshops.)

The two turtles were made entirely from plastic rubbish, and depict two species threatened by marine pollution: The Hawksbill sea turtle and the Olive ridley sea turtle.

The last image shows the underside of the Olive Ridley (I couldn’t resist those polka dots!). More photos after the jump!


13 thoughts on “Project Ocean @ Selfridges

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  2. Dude this is seriously cool! Will def try and pop by if I have time today for sure. Congrats!

  3. Dude this is seriously cool! Will def try and
    Go see today if I have time. Congrats!

  4. Thanks Justine! You should check them out at Guerrilla Science’s workshops every Saturday!

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