Alice Cooper and Gory Cupcakes

Apart from the odd bit of profanity (ahem), this is a family friendly website. However, thanks to the Fabulous Miss Cakehead, things are about to get sinister. You see, I am assisting with the art direction for Alice Cooper’s Freakshow auditions in London this month. I am very excited!

We are putting together a freaky, gory (but ultimately delicious) display of cakes on a Silent Hill theme. To get a better idea of what’s going on, make sure to visit Miss Cakehead’s blog, here. In the meantime, here are some sketches from me:

Yes, those are blood-drenched baked goods. Mmm-mmmmm! I am having an unbelieveable amount of fun working on this project. (I guess this is no surprise – my Twitter description simply reads ‘canvas, cameras, and cake’. This event features the holy trinity of my favourite things.) I can’t wait to show you more details and photos. Until then, I’ll give you one last sketch to whet your appetite for the macabre:

(Those are the lyrics to this song.) (Over and out.)

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