A Twitter conversation

This drawing was done within the last hour, inspired by the following Twitter conversation:

@thefty: Things I’ve learnt this week: If you spend all day drawing cake, you will spend all day craving cake.

@Superalzy: Today at the office there has been a vanilla birthday cake & TWO kinds of ice cream cake. Yesterday there were cupcakes. Come eat!

@thefty: This sort of casual visit is impeded by us living oceans apart. *shakes (unloaded) fork at universe*

@Superalzy: I can put cake in a bottle and float it over to you.

@thefty: Oh my god, I WANT TO DRAW THAT! (Is that the wrong response?)

I love it when great ideas come out of nowhere. Thanks, Alison (aka Superalzy).

(p.s. Click here to see a larger version of the drawing.)


One thought on “A Twitter conversation

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