I’ve been involved with art directing Miss Cakehead‘s edible horror show for Alice Cooper’s Freakshow Auditions, held yesterday in London’s Hyde Park. The installation took inspiration from Silent Hill, and featured open wound cupcakes from The Butcher of Caker Street, Silent Hill Cake Pops from Kiss & Bake Up, blood splattered cupcakes from I Heart Cupcakes, and of course, the terrifying dead nurse cake by Mamma Jamma Cakes. Here are some photos:

Yes, ladies and gents, she is all cake. (Six layers of chocolate cake, in fact.)

The installation, with a view of the press catering area. (Like my backdrop?)

Miss Cakehead with blood on her hands. (Delicious red velvet cake, FYI.)

If you want to see some gore, please click through for more photos!

Blood curdling cupcakes by The Butcher of Caker Street.

Yes, that’s edible glass and barbed wire, by Mamma Jamma Cakes.

Eyeball and Pyramid Head Cake Pops from Kiss & Bake Up.

This is me with the backdrop I made. (I’m trying hard to look badass here.)

Oh, and here’s one featuring Alice Cooper. (I couldn’t leave him out, could I?)

It was a day of much craziness. Apart from the madness of assembling an elaborate dessert table in sweltering heat, We witnessed the auditions themselves, which involved a lot of staplers, fire, and fake blood. Enough Said.

42 thoughts on “Freakshow!

  1. This is RIDICULOUSLY awesome – cupcakes and horror my two favourite things :)

  2. I feel the same way about the cupcakes like Aisiri does – awesome but dont want to eat it (my mind would play tricks on me). Congrats on getting Freshly pressed.

  3. Looks like so much fun! You definitely look like you used to be a good girl but turned hard in that pictures. Congrats on being FP!

  4. Awesome. I’m sure they taste great too. I’d love to take a big bite of an eyeball… or maybe an ear. Ughhhh. I WANT CAKE NOW.

  5. Love these, and the look of your blog- so colorful and, well, artsy! A few months back I ordered some glycerin and stuff to make fondant and marzipan decorations, in hopes that I would create an AWESOME gluten free cake, as my few attempts with box mix have failed. I have yet to try this, though.
    I have a few blogger friends who like zombies, and was hoping to host a zomblie-blog wedding on my blog someday…I even designed zombi wedding dresses. And once, I posted a photo of what I called Bloody Vegan cheesecake (just to be sarcastic) and the red raspberry sauce was indeed bright, blood I slashed through the cake, left the dagger in, put it under a wire cage, and photographed it. I hope to one day qualify for submission in a show such as yours. Nice job here. Thanks.
    – Spectra

  6. Hello Spectra! I very much enjoyed your mammoth comment! I’m all for the zombie cakes! If you’re into these kind of projects, you should google Miss Cakehead, as she’s the one who orchestrated this!

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