Thefty does Christmas cards!

Hello! If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been designing Christmas cards. I’m pleased to announce that they’re ready! If you’d like to buy them, click here to visit my shop.

I’m selling the cards in packs of six (with two designs per pack).They can also be bought individually (the individual cards are hand-decorated with acrylic rhinestones, which I think looks extra cool).

I realise that frogs, kiwi fruit and dinosaurs are not exactly traditional Christmas imagery. However, I think the cards look festive and joyful, which is what the Christmas season is about for many people. I hope they make you smile!Click here to buy cards from my art shop! (Oh, and keep in mind that art prints make great Christmas presents, wink wink.)

p.s. I baked the cupcakes and gingerbread robots featured on the cards – I can confirm that they were very tasty.


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