Drawing Lyrics: Somebody That I Used To Know

I haven’t drawn song lyrics in a long time. I used to draw lyrics obsessively… mainly because I also listened to songs obsessively, on repeat. The last time this happened to me was in 2008, when I finally discovered Belle & Sebastian (this song blew my mind). It happened again, yesterday, with this song. I can’t stop pressing replay.

It’s a melancholy little sparkler of a song. It contains xylophones and an Australian, both of which are excellent things.

p.s. I’m an  Australian, so may be biased.


8 thoughts on “Drawing Lyrics: Somebody That I Used To Know

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Very catchy, kind of 60’s retro-esque, yet somehow modern. Nice job on the drawing lyrics. Never saw the video until now. Hmmm. naked guy.

  2. I think everyone loves this song, somehow. And yeah, HA! Naked guy indeed (but strategically naked).

  3. a few days ago, someone made me listen to a cover of this song. nice blog you have here.

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