Swatch Art Rules: A competition

Hello! This week I’ve been working on my entry to the Swatch Art Rules competition. The brief was to design the TTR World Snowboard Tour trophy, as well as the official Swatch Tour Watch. As you may have noticed, I’ve been on a roll with stripes lately, so this is what I created:

My design is entitled ‘linear movement’. I was inspired by images of snowboarders slicing down mountains, carving a path through crisp snow.  I wanted to convey movement and energy, as well as colour and style. The design features bold, irregular stripes and fresh, electric colours.

I had my brother in mind when I designed this – he is a very keen snowboarder, and he’s always telling me that I should design boards. I would really like to do that someday…let’s consider this as my first step in that direction! Fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “Swatch Art Rules: A competition

  1. If you win you get to come to the LA area!!! I hope you win!
    more importantly it looks awesome :)

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