Vintage Recipes by Doris: Cookbook Illustrations

Hello! I’ve been working on an exciting project which combines a few of my favourite things: Food, the 1960s, and family treasures. I was approached by Miss E., who had an excellent idea for her mother’s birthday. See, Miss E’s mother has her mother’s (Doris) handwritten recipe book from the 1960s, but the book is falling apart. Miss E. had the idea of turning Doris’ old book into a new, digitally printed book…featuring illustrations by me!

The images below are scans from the pages of the original recipe book. There are over 50 recipes in total, either in beautiful handwriting or typewritten text. I am so glad that Miss E. has chosen to print the original scans – with their scribbles and splotches – rather than just typing out the recipes again. There’s something so charming about them. The book is so beautiful and I wish I could show you all the pages!

Doris’ book features around 50, solid North American recipes, such as rock cakes, turkey hash, pound cake, and sausage stuffing. I tried to give my illustrations a fun, vintage feel. I wanted them to add colour to the book without overpowering the recipes themselves! I kept my colours muted (except for a few bright bursts here and there) and used a blank page as a template. Here are a few of my favourite drawings:

 It has been an honour to be Doris’ collaborator, and I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes (with Miss E’s permission, of course!). Oh, and my best wishes to the birthday girl!

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