Bling Jubilee Court @ Battersea Alternative Village Fete

On Sunday, I volunteered at the Alternative Village Fete at Battersea Park, organised by Home Live Art. I had such a fun and creative day (despite the disgusting weather).

Together with artists Harold Offeh and Barby Asante, the team of volunteer make-up artists, stylists and photographers created the Bling Jubilee Court. We dressed the public up as ‘Queens of the COMMON-wealth’, which included disco/carnival/African/Indian/drag/pageant queens…and a hefty dose of Freddie Mercury! The ‘Queens’ were then led to a stage and photographed before an adoring crowd (you can see the photos over here).

Our boudoir/tent contained about 50 wigs, a tonne of make-up, a pile of stick-on mustaches,  and 2 long rails of dress up clothes. Here are a few photos that I took. You can see the full set on my Facebook page.

First things first: Trying on everything in sight before anyone arrived!

Me and my mate, Blondie. (The coat I’m wearing once belonged to my boyfriend’s grandmother!)

A very small section of the dress-up rail.

All hail Harold Offeh, Carnival Queen!

A rainbow of eyeshadow. This was not a day for being subtle.

Barby Asante looking regal in her paper crown.

This lovely gent let us pick his outfit for him. We had fun, oh yes we did.

Ta-da! The most disco couple of them all.

Meanwhile, back in the boudoir, some visitors dropped in.

Wig maintenance in operation.

Pastels and rhinestones.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the event, please visit my Facebook page!

How did you spend your weekend?


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