Illustration Workshop @ Central St. Martins

Hello! As I mentioned previously, I spent last week at an Illustration Workshop at Central St. Martins. It was a very busy and colourful week! I learnt new techniques, I played with a variety of materials, and I got to meet a really great bunch of creative people. Here are a few snapshots from the week:

Experimenting with hand-drawn typography: inks, felt tip pens, and little monsters.

A classroom-ful of colourful legs!

Ellena’s amazing Frida Kahlo brooch, by Tatty Devine.

Girls, girls, girls! (There were boys, they were just hiding.)

Making a mess with the printing inks.

Our first printing experiments. Guess which are mine!

A serious moment, while discussing our work.

Final pieces: looking through each other’s books. (You can see my book  here.)

This was hanging in the print room. cl(ass)y!

Good times at CSM!


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