A Poster Against Badger Culling

Hello! Do you know what badger culling is?

A quick summary: many wild badgers are infected with tuberculosis, and they transmit the disease to cows. This costs UK cattle farmers millions of pounds a year. In a bid to eradicate tuberculosis from cattle, thousands of badgers were culled (i.e. slaughtered) in the 1990s. Unfortunately, this did not stop the transmission of tuberculosis, because the issue was not as simple as scientists originally thought.

Unfortunately, despite strong scientific evidence against culling, the UK government is now licencing farmers to cull badgers again. As usual, my response was to pick up a paper and start drawing.

I’m not writing and drawing about this from an animal welfare perspective (although I do love me a cute little badger). Nope. I’m writing this as someone who studied biology and wrote a research project on this very issue, just a few years ago. I find it very interesting, and I find it ridiculous that culling is about to recommence.

If you’d like more information on this topic, watch this video with David Attenborough.

If you’d like to see an end to badger culling, please sign the petition.


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