Plants, Paints and Portraits.

Hello! Last Thursday afternoon, I found myself with a bit of free time. I decided to get my paints, brushes and pens and do some doodling. By dinner time I was feeling quite pleased with myself, and I tacked a couple of the paintings (drawings?) onto the shelf behind my mirrors. I’m very sorry about the face I’m pulling. I can’t help myself sometimes.

I scanned one of the drawings and added some more colour, digitally. I quite like all the clashing colours and patterns.

My new house has a lot of plants in it. I think I was inadvertently inspired by the colour palette on my table: Green leaves, yellowish wood, and dark pink berry juices.

Below: My green lady and my furry oregano plant. They’re a good match.

Another drawing on the floor / another shot of my glamorous slippers.

And, lastly, my beautiful lavender.



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