2013 Poster Calendars by Thefty

Hello!  I’ve been busy designing two poster calendars which you can buy in my online store! Yippee! They’re printed on beautiful 235gsm satin photo paper with a semi-gloss finish. They would look beautiful framed, or just tacked onto the wall (which is what I’m planning to do). Both designs come in two sizes, A3 (£8) and A2 (£11).

The first design is called ‘Colour Lovers’, and is a happy explosion for your eyeballs:

I reckon this design would make any room look joyful!  If you look closely (see below) you’ll notice that the poster comes fully loaded with intricate patterns, and the killer ‘Bebas‘ font by Dharma Type.  I’ve also included the quotation which inspired the design. That way, all you colour lovers will remember to give yourselves a little pat on the back every time you lay eyes on your poster.

Click here to buy the Colour Lovers Calendar Poster

My second design is called Starface. (If this looks familiar, it’s because you can also purchase it as a cushion). This one has a lovely organic, hand-drawn vibe…if I do say so myself.

Here’s a close-up. There’s a subtle polka-dot print in the background, and a lot of rich colour and texture. Velvety grey is one of my favourite colours, believe it or not! For the month names, I’ve used the gorgeous Deftone Stylus font by Larabie Fonts.

Click here to buy the Starface poster Calendar

I hope you like them! I figured they’d make great Christmas presents (Yes, yes,  I know, I said the C Word in October). I like the idea of a gift which looks good but will actually come in handy the whole year ’round.

While we’re on the topic of Christmas, don’t forget that my Christmas cards are back in stock, and that my cushion designs will be available until the end of October 2012.

Get ’em while they’re hot!


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