Blueberry & Apple pies: An Illustrated Recipe.

Hello! Apart from drawing a lot food, I also love to cook it. This blog post marks the beginning of a new series where I’ll share my baking adventures with you, by way of drawings and photographs.

Yesterday, I baked mini blueberry & apple pies for some friends who were coming for dinner.

STEP ONE: Grease four ramekins, and press the dough into them. Bake for 10 mins at 175 degrees Celsius.

STEP TWO: Make the blueberry and apple filling and admire the colours. Inhale deeply!

STEP THREE: Spoon the filling into the part-cooked pastry pie shells.

STEP FOUR: Place the uncooked pastry lids on top, and cook for another 30 mins. Ta-da!STEP FIVE: Grab a spoon and get into that pie! (Don’t burn your tongue.)STEP SIX: Serve with whipped cream and share with your friends.

STEP SEVEN: Clutch your full belly with satisfaction.

The original recipe (& instructions) can be found here.

 (N.B. I made FOUR pies instead of two. I used one 375g box of pre-rolled shortcrust pastry, and I put in about 3/4 cup of extra blueberries. Also, I used one egg white instead of the ‘egg beaters’, and frozen blueberries rather than fresh ones.)

The Verdict: These were really easy to make, they tasted amazing and they made the whole house smell like cinnamon.

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