Drawing on my face: Halloween Make-up

Hello! Last week was Halloween, which is my annual excuse to do weird things to my face. (I don’t only draw on paper, you see.) Below are photos as well as some diagrams to help you create the looks – bookmark them for next year!

This is me as a six-eyed mutant. This look was inspired by this image. I opted for a more natural look (ahem), and chose to duplicate my eyes rather than completely transforming my face.

For this look, I used white face paint to draw the eye shape, black liquid eyeliner for all the outlines, and taupe eyeshadow to colour the irises (choose an eyeshadow colour closest to your own eyes. Cream shadow or a chubby pencil will work best.)I did this freehand, in the mirror. You don’t have to bother with realistic shading – just try to get the size right and it will look terrifying from a distance!

My second look was a rather glam zombie face, inspired by this image. Scary, yet oddly flattering, no?

I used the following products: white face paint, taupe cream eyeshadow, a palette of brown eyeshadows, black kohl pencil, grey/black eyeshadow (to enlarge and fill in your eyebrows), gold highlighter, red lipstick.

Oh, and here’s a token scary photo where I appear to have no iris. Enjoy!

What did you dress up as for halloween?

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