Weekly Inspiration: The Australian Edition.

Hello! This is a weekly feature where I share my photos with you. I carry my camera everywhere, and I’m always taking pictures of things that inspire me. Prepare to see lots of colours, patterns and good times through my lens!

As you may have noticed, I recently went AWOL for a few weeks. That’s because I was in Sydney, Australia! Here are a few of my favourite photos from the trip. Keep in mind that this is by no means a complete tourist’s guide! It’s just a set of my  most colourful shots!





Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-22Coogee Beach on a scorching day

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-13A very Aussie scene at Cronulla Beach

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-10Long Beach on the South Coast


Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-24Shopping in the hipster heartland of Newtown

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-25SHAG, an amazing vintage shop in Paddington


Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-02Swarovski Christmas tree in the Queen Victoria Building

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-28The Strand Arcade

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-26I caught the Francis Bacon exhibition, which was excellent as expected.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-16Taronga Zoo






Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-08My boyfriend was blown away by how strong Australian coffee is.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-19Adriano Zumbo‘s Macaron Store was bright and colourful.


Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-21We went on a road trip, complete with food cooked on an open fire.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-20Barefoot lawn bowls in Culbarra, a town on the South Coast out of Sydney

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-11A baby lorikeet which was rescued after falling from its nest

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour-AUSTRALIA-23And lastly, Jacob Pearson’s incredible performance at Hiberian House, Surry Hills.

Oh, Australia, I’ll miss you.


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