Christmas Cootie Catcher, Again.

Hello! I first published this Cootie Catcher last Christmas, but it was so popular that I thought I’d share it again for those that didn’t see it.

If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you’ll find a printable A4 Cootie Catcher (aka paper fortune teller) template. I think it would make a funny little stocking stuffer, or a cute decoration on the Christmas table! I hope you like it.

Helena-Maratheftis-xmas-cootie-catcher-04Helena-Maratheftis-xmas-cootie-catcher-01 Helena-Maratheftis-xmas-cootie-catcher-02 Helena-Maratheftis-xmas-cootie-catcher-05The fortunes are as eye-roll-inducing as you’d hope. (See below for the rest of them!)


The template below can be printed straight onto A4 paper (click here for full size version). All you need to do is print it, cut off the excess at the bottom, and fold it up! (Folding instructions here.)

Happy fortune telling! Let me know if you decide to print some – I’d love to know what you do with them!

p.s. Don’t forget – I’ve also got a bunch of Christmas cards and Poster Calendars in my shop, in case you haven’t bought yours yet!


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