Christmas Decorations: A Doodle.

Hello! I’ve got a cold. A disgusting, horrible, unwelcome cold. I spent yesterday wrapped in a blanket, popping paracetamol like candy. On the upside, I got a great view of our Christmas tree from my spot on the couch…and so I drew some of our tree decorations. Of course.


Our tree is a 6 foot, ‘champagne’ coloured, tinsel monstrosity. We love it. It’s loaded with decorations, most of them being gifts from family and friends.

What’s on your tree?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations: A Doodle.

  1. We have a tiny tree- one and a half feet tall standing on our table with 4 xmas decorations on it- a santa, a reindeer, and 2 baubles :) and then we have some lights draped over it, its so cute :) xxx

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