Weekly Inspiration: Christmas lights and wintry colours.

Hello! This is a weekly feature where I share my photos with you. I carry my camera everywhere, and I’m always taking pictures of things that inspire me. Prepare to see lots of colours, patterns and good times through my lens!

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and London looked incredible. Behold:

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-01Twinkling lights and cozy colours in Knightsbridge.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-02The gorgeous windows at Harrods.


Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-04Decorating our flat! Every year, we bust out the kitschiest and most colourful decorations humanity has ever seen.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour15Ta-da! I’m pretty proud of our massive pile of presents – it makes me feel like a proper adult.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-07Speaking of decorating, I framed one of my calendars and hung it in our hallway. (Click here for my shop if you’d like one for your house!)

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-05My other calendar design! Again, it’s available for purchase (wink, wink).

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-06Drawings, Christmas robins, and Santa Claus teapots.


Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-08Pink garlands and frosty mornings.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-09Winter sun pouring into in the flat.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-11Brightly decorated buildings. (I want to live in there!)

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-12Friends with festive legs!


Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour13-14Walking home in the yellow lamplight.

Christmas is such an inspiring and creative time of the year for me. I draw and bake like a fiend! I hope things are happy wherever you are, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: Christmas lights and wintry colours.

  1. Merry Christmas Helena!!! We need to plan a visit to London to see the sites through your colorful lens. I know where your strong baking gene originated! Your Mom is a fantastic cook as well. I miss all of the family wherever they are: Cyprus, Greece, England. Love to you and a fantastic 2013 for you and your beau too. Theia Demetra

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