Rocking Out!

Helena-Maratheftis-rocks-and-minerals-02When I was little, my pocket money was spent on crystals. Once, I found a shiny rock in the garden and showed it to my dad. He kindly suggested it might be ‘semi-precious’. I was thrilled. These days, I visit the  Natural History Museum to get my rocks and minerals fix. I went there this week and took lots of pictures for you. (I’m assuming you like rocks.)

I like rocks. I also like puns and song lyrics.  Behold:




Helena-Maratheftis-rocks-and-minerals-03The above photo was not taken in the museum, but in my house. I’ve kept some of the crystals from my childhood!



Helena-Maratheftis-rocks-and-minerals-01‘Diamond’ ring by Nylon Sky.


Helena-Maratheftis-rocks-and-minerals-13 Helena-Maratheftis-rocks-and-minerals-08


Helena-Maratheftis-rocks-and-minerals-10This last photo is of the fanciest snuff box known to man.

The Natural History Museum is one of my Top 5 favourite places in London. I never get bored of it. I love spending a few hours there with my camera, having a wonder and a ponder. If you’ve never been, you really must go. (Make sure you check out the entomology section – beetles are jewels, too!)


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