Death and his Lady: Design, Photography, Skulls & Bees.

Hello! I’ve been working on graphic design and photography for Moving Dust, a London-based dance and performance company. Their latest project, ‘The Box‘, invites viewers to enter a photo booth where they can meet Death (and his Lady). Needless to say, it has been a fun and unusual project to be involved with.

Below are a series of shots from our e-flyer photoshoot – Danielle, John and Kate were so amazing to work with that I just had to share some out takes.

Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-01Above: the final e-flyer design I ctreated. Below: Death’s self-portrait.


Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-09Kate (the director) styling Danielle and John (the performers).


Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-04More photos below!




Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-06Who knew death could be so glam?



Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-14 Death in protective headgear. Oh, the irony!

If you’d like to meet Death and His Lady, you can purchase tickets for The Box here.

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