Death and His Lady: Tarot Card Illustration.

Hello! I’ve been working with Moving Dust on their latest project, The Box, where viewers are invited to enter a photo booth where they can meet Death and His Lady. (If that sounds morbid yet playful…that’s because it is!)  Apart from designing the promotional material for The Box, I also created a set of ten illustrated tarot cards:


The cards are the size of an actual tarot card, and are printed on proper, plasticized playing card stock. The front (above left) is adorned by a photo of Death and His Lady. The backs of the cards (above right) feature one of the ten pieces of writing which were commissioned for the project. Some of the writing is painfully funny, and some is painfully to the point. The cards were given to participants as a memento mori, aka little reminders of their inevitable deaths! Nice!


Above: Death and His Lady, behind the scenes.


What I’ve shown you here is 80% of the design…there’s a little something extra which I’m not going to reveal! I don’t want to spoil the performance. It just wouldn’t be fair! If you want to enter The Box for yourself, make sure you follow Moving Dust on Facebook to find out about future performances.


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