Housekeeping! Parties, Pinterest etc.

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope your weekends were better than mine – I have a cold and haven’t left my house since Thursday. Since Thursday!  Anyway, germs aside, there are a few bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to tell you about:

1. Are you coming to the Stitch 2nd Birthday party?

If you love arts + the environment, you should join us! I blogged about it last month – details here.

stitchbday party

2. I finally joined Instagram! I’m @theftypix!

Come and join the lonely new kid at the party.


3. Are you following Thefty on Pinterest?

Killer Design / Cake Styling / Paintings / Accessories


4. Follow Thefty on Bloglovin’

If you follow Thefty on Google Reader,  fear not! You can transfer over to Bloglovin’ and keep following!

That’s all from me. Have a good week, guys!

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