An Evening at Dr. Sketchy’s: Burlesque Life Drawing Class.

Last night I attended Dr. Sketchy‘s burlesque life drawing class at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I rocked up with a sketchbook, coloured pens, a few friends and high expectations. We did not leave disappointed!

In case you’re wondering what burlesque life drawing involves, think of it as an upgraded life drawing class: Instead of traditional nude models, you get to draw ‘beautiful burlesque performers, bizarre circus acts, and rippling hunks of man-flesh‘! Dusty Limits, our glamdrogynous MC, prowled around the room barking orders and handing out lollipops and cheeky compliments. The approach to drawing was the same as with karaoke: Skill doesn’t matter, but enthusiasm does. It was a really fun way to get back into life drawing.

Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--16Out first model was Violet Strangelove, who appeared on stage in full Minnie Mouse regalia.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--14Above: My drawing is on the right (I can’t resist adding colour, as usual). The sketch on the left belongs to my friend Tom, who I’m more used to seeing with a paintbrush in his hand.

Below: A drawing by my friend Andrew Croskery, who brought some super awesome brush-nibbed pens with him.  Andrew has published a graphic novel, and he’s so very good at drawing comic-style figures.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--03After a while, Minnie took her clothes off. Although she covered up her chest with her huge mousey hands, we did catch a glimpse of her Mickey Mouse shaped nipple tassles. OOH-ER.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--02Drawing above by Tom, drawing below by Andrew.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--17Next up: The gorgeous Frankie von Flirter. With her striking features and tumbling locks, Frankie was a dream to draw.

Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--10Below: A cubist interpretation of Frankie.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--04So, uh, the less said about this, the better.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--05At the end of the evening, we each chose one of our drawings to be in the running for prizes. Dusty, Violet and Frankie took a while choosing their favourites, mainly because some of them were hilarious.  (Our last drawing challenge was to incorporate a BFC – Big, Friendly sea Cucumber – into our drawing. Ridiculousness ensued.)Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--06The drawing of Pregnant Minnie won an award for being the most David Lynchian of the lot. There was another one by the same artist which was too obscene for this blog.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--08My drawing of depressed Minnie won one of the runner up prizes (yay!), and one of Tom’s drawings was awarded second place. Success! We went home feeling happy and energised, and not just ’cause of the sugar high.

Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--12If you haven’t been to Dr. Sketchy, you should definitely go!  (And it’s not just for Londoners, there are events in many cities.) I loved having more to draw than just exposed flesh. There were mouse ears, jewellery, elaborate costumes and good hair dos! Dr. Sketchy’s doesn’t take itself to seriously, and apart from the drawing, it was just a good night out!

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