A Commission: Maths, Science and Art.

Hello! It’s nice to be back! I have lots to show you over the coming months, and this is a nice place to start. As you know, I studied biology at university, and the crossover between science and art is an endless source of fascination and fangirliness for me. I was therefore very excited about working on this private commission.


This piece was created for a gentleman (let’s call him Mr. X) who has worked in academia for many years, researching in the field of mathematical population genetics. For those of you who are scrunching up their faces right now, it’s about using maths to analyse the genes present in populations and how they evolve over time. Basically, it’s super complex but also super cool

If you look at the piece closely, you will see mathematical equations in black and silver, weaving over and under the illustrations. These were taken from Mr X’s research papers. All the strange lines and diagrams are also part of his research – I got so excited when I looked through his research because there was so much visual material to take inspiration from. (Who says science can’t look badass? Not me! Population biology FTW!)

You might recognise some of the geographical landmarks in the painting – they depict special places in Mr X’s life. Coincidentally, some of them are special places for me as well, so it was particularly fun to draw them.

Helena-Maratheftis-BLOG-mathpopgen4-small Helena-Maratheftis-BLOG-mathpopgen3-smallHelena-Maratheftis-BLOG-mathpopgen2-SMALL


Happy birthday Mr X! I hope you agree that your life looks beautiful as a painting (and beyond).

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