Thefty Gets Real: Here we go…!

Hello! Hey guys! I’m back! Thank you for sticking with this blog despite months of silence. I disappeared to work on a mysterious personal project which I told you nothing about…until now (cue the Drama Button). You might have noticed the redesign of this website, and there are plenty more new things to come.

Thefty started out as a nickname, and it has become my art alter ego, but I’ve always envisioned Thefty as something else. See, I love stuff. Patterned, OTT, boldly-illustrated, over-saturated stuff. Slightly off-beat, put-it-on-your-shelf-and-grin-at-it, buy-it-gleefully-as-a-gift stuff. Beyond creating illustrations and paintings, stuff – specifically, homewares – is what I’ve dreamed of making. To me, Thefty has always been the name of my design label that never was.

Which brings us to today: I am currently staring at a huge pile of boxes filled with the very first batch of true-blue, real-deal, for-serious Thefty homewares. Yes! They’re fresh from the manufacturers and I’m so excited!


It has taken literally years to get here, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been making. HINT: Science geeks will not be disappointed.

Are you ready for this? Because I really, really am. Stay tuned!

Pro tip: For extra sneak peeks, check out Thefty on Facebook 


p.s. Don’t you worry – this blog will still feature lots of art and illustration and photography.

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