Clashing Colours & Video Cameras

Hello! I spent a day last week playing with cameras, tripods and video editing software (the latter being a first for me). I really enjoyed styling up my house  – and myself – and jumping in front of the video camera! The aim was to create an ‘about me’ video, hence why I went crazy with the colours and bright details. Here are a few stills:

Helena-Maratheftis-filming-day-2Above: As you can see, the bookshelves behind me are loaded with art books and cook books. I’m guessing you’re not surprised! My house is full of books, and what you can’t see here is the science section and the fiction section. Seriously. (Unfortunately, what you can see is my Argos catalogue. Classy.)

Below: I used my mobile to take a photo of the camera set-up…and later in the day, used my camera to take a picture of my phone! (Confusing? Yes.)


Below: The full backdrop for the shoot. I took some of my favourite objects and art prints form around the flat and piled them onto the shelves. I wanted the backdrop to be bold and cheerful, but I didn’t want it to overwhelm me (which explains my choice to wear super-bright and block-coloured clothing).



Oh, and, here’s a little GIF I made (Yep, that’s me!).


You know what? I’m at my happiest when surrounded by colour.

Death and his Lady: Design, Photography, Skulls & Bees.

Hello! I’ve been working on graphic design and photography for Moving Dust, a London-based dance and performance company. Their latest project, ‘The Box‘, invites viewers to enter a photo booth where they can meet Death (and his Lady). Needless to say, it has been a fun and unusual project to be involved with.

Below are a series of shots from our e-flyer photoshoot – Danielle, John and Kate were so amazing to work with that I just had to share some out takes.

Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-01Above: the final e-flyer design I ctreated. Below: Death’s self-portrait.


Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-09Kate (the director) styling Danielle and John (the performers).


Helena-Maratheftis-death-and-his-lady-04More photos below!

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Ohh Deer Pillow Fight: My designs.

Hello! These are my entries to the Ohh Deer Pillow Fight competition. You can see larger versions on the Ohh Deer site here and here.

I’ve always wanted to design my own range of homewares!  A Thefty home would be a colourful one, with doodly faces peering up at you from unexpected places (that came out sounding creepy. Oops). The winners of the competition will have their designs turned into actual cushions, stocked by Ohh Deer. That would be very exciting indeed.

What do you think? Would you put these cushions on your couch?

The GIF That Keeps On Giving

This week I learnt how to make GIFs, and I’ve been on absolute rampage. I made my first GIF for my portfolio homepage. However, I couldn’t stop, and I’ve been animating my artwork all day:

Above: Made from my three Super Good Day posters

Above: Made from my painting, Stripes on Stripes

Above: Made from my Fluoro Self Portrait

Above: I turned a picture of me into my new Twitter picture.

And lastly, I made this creative masterpiece:

I had pictures of llamas lying around from a recent farm visit, and I couldn’t help myself. Don’t pretend you don’t love it.

Wedding Animals

Hello! Do you remember these animal line-drawings I made in April? I created them for the wedding of two animal biologists. The bride kindly sent me some pictures of my artwork  ‘in action’. Doesn’t it all look beautiful? The wedding looked so stylish, yet simple and earthy.

The tables were named after species studied by the bride or groom. This was the  red squirrel table.

There was also an aardvark table, a hoopoe table and a hyena table, amongst others!

The King Penguin table.  (I love the idea of flowers in jars.)

The table plan, featuring all 13 drawings.

And lastly, the happy couple. Congratulations, guys!

All photography by  Jenny and Rudi Kennard at WhatImage Weddings.



It’s been quiet around here because I’ve been busy tinkering elsewhere! You may recall that I have another blog, called Top 5 Photos. It is finally up and running again after a major overhaul, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

TOP 5 Photos simply consists of my TOP 5 images in various categories. I choose a theme, and then scour the internet (and my photos) for 5 images which best fit that theme. If you like art and photography, make sure you take a look!

p.s. Expect arty updates soon!



Do you remember the turtles I made for Selfridges’ Project Ocean? I loved making them, and I was thrilled when I was commissioned to make another one. This time it’s a private commission for someone’s turtle loving brother. The turtle has been named Fred!

I’ll miss Frank. He’s made my house look very cheerful. Enjoy your gift, Lee!

Mr. Skull Mug

I got a rather peculiar request recently: ‘Helena, I’d like you to help me make a mug out of a skull’. As usual, I was happy to oblige. FYI, no humans were harmed in the making of this object.

This is my anonymous model holding the finished product.

We made Mr. Skull Mug out of: 1 x acrylic anatomical skull (with top removed), 1 x cup (as a neck), 1 x cafetiere handle, approx. 50000 x Milliput (aka ‘The epoxy putty with 1000 uses’) and 4 pairs of latex gloves. I don’t know if it’s safe to drink out of, but he’ll sure make a badass desk adornment. Mission accomplished!

p.s. I’ve just created a Facebook page for Thefty, and would be thrilled if you’d take a look…and maybe give me a ‘like’! (I’ve got a prizedraw going on, so check that out too!)

Good news (and prizes)!


The good news: I recently quit my day job (WOO HOO) in order to focus on my art. Exciting, eh? To mark the occasion, I’ve scrapped my old Facebook group, and replaced it with a proper, sophisticated Facebook page (see it here). To make things even more exciting, I’m having a little prizedraw: when 150 people have joined the group, I will pick a random person to receive a hand-drawn portrait (by me) and a bunch of surprise goodies (crafty and/or delicious).

To be in the running, all you have to do is to ‘like’ my Facebook page. (Assuming that you actually like it, that is!)

Thank you so much for your kind emails and comments since this blog began. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into more creative projects, and seeing where I’ll end up!


I’ve been involved with art directing Miss Cakehead‘s edible horror show for Alice Cooper’s Freakshow Auditions, held yesterday in London’s Hyde Park. The installation took inspiration from Silent Hill, and featured open wound cupcakes from The Butcher of Caker Street, Silent Hill Cake Pops from Kiss & Bake Up, blood splattered cupcakes from I Heart Cupcakes, and of course, the terrifying dead nurse cake by Mamma Jamma Cakes. Here are some photos:

Yes, ladies and gents, she is all cake. (Six layers of chocolate cake, in fact.)

The installation, with a view of the press catering area. (Like my backdrop?)

Miss Cakehead with blood on her hands. (Delicious red velvet cake, FYI.)

If you want to see some gore, please click through for more photos!

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Cakey Perry: A high tea to melt your popsicle

Hello! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been drawing cakes for a whole week. Why? Well, the answer is Cakey Perry. To quote the website:

‘Lets take a journey to high tea experience where every single delicious mouthful is inspired by Katy Perry’s California Gurls video, and the artwork of it’s art director & amazing artist Will Cotton’

Miss Cakehead is the brains behind the operation, and she asked me to provide the artwork for the event. Of course, I could only say yes! Here is a sneaky preview:

CENSORED! Uncensored version hidden at the bottom of this post!

Cakes galore! I have been having so much fun with this project. My research has involved looking at desserts all day… and I’ve been given free reign to go crazy with colours and patterns.

Here's a close up of some of the individual elements I've drawn.

The event is in London, and runs from July 29th – 31st. If you’re interested in attending (which you should be), you can read more about it here, or buy tickets here.

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Alice Cooper and Gory Cupcakes

Apart from the odd bit of profanity (ahem), this is a family friendly website. However, thanks to the Fabulous Miss Cakehead, things are about to get sinister. You see, I am assisting with the art direction for Alice Cooper’s Freakshow auditions in London this month. I am very excited!

We are putting together a freaky, gory (but ultimately delicious) display of cakes on a Silent Hill theme. To get a better idea of what’s going on, make sure to visit Miss Cakehead’s blog, here. In the meantime, here are some sketches from me:

Yes, those are blood-drenched baked goods. Mmm-mmmmm! I am having an unbelieveable amount of fun working on this project. (I guess this is no surprise – my Twitter description simply reads ‘canvas, cameras, and cake’. This event features the holy trinity of my favourite things.) I can’t wait to show you more details and photos. Until then, I’ll give you one last sketch to whet your appetite for the macabre:

(Those are the lyrics to this song.) (Over and out.)

Project Ocean @ Selfridges


I’ve been working with Fauna & Flora International to create life-size marine turtle sculptures for Selfridges’ Project Ocean. The sculptures will be exhibited at Selfridges on Friday, May 13th, so head to Oxford Street and check them out! (If you can’t make it, the turtles will be displayed by Guerrilla Science during their creative workshops.)

The two turtles were made entirely from plastic rubbish, and depict two species threatened by marine pollution: The Hawksbill sea turtle and the Olive ridley sea turtle.

The last image shows the underside of the Olive Ridley (I couldn’t resist those polka dots!). More photos after the jump!

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A fresh start!

You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet around here. Do not fear! I have been super-busy recently, so be prepared for a bunch of new work to appear. I’m excited!

p.s. How do you like the new look blog?