Thefty x Roger la Borde Greeting Card Range

Last year, Thefty was commissioned to design a range of greeting cards for Roger la Borde, the wonderful London-based publisher and producer of luxurious, eclectic stationery products. It was such fun working with them!

The Thefty card collection includes five typographical designs, with lettering drawn by hand and digitally rendered and coloured. The cards look fantastic in print – Roger la Borde printed them on uncoated, antique wove board, with glossy raised sections produced by specialty thermographic printing. You can see the range on the Roger la Borde Website, and you can now buy the cards from our online stores, either on Etsy or Folksy.


Elephants & Teacups


Hello! I’ve been so busy working on a big personal project (details coming SO SOON!) that I have had fewer commissioned pieces to share with you. Having said that, I’ve still been taking on projects here and there, and this is one of them. You see, my friends B & C have a private in-joke involving elephants and teacups (and elephants in teacups) and when C asked if I could illustrate it for B’s birthday, I was all in. The joke frankly makes zero sense but I’m all about drawing vintage crockery and sweet-faced animals.


The piece is felt-tip pen and white pencil on textured grey paper. I love Photoshop, but I also love busting out my pencils and sharpener and getting to choose beautiful paper to put in a frame. I hope you like it, B!

A Commission: Maths, Science and Art.

Hello! It’s nice to be back! I have lots to show you over the coming months, and this is a nice place to start. As you know, I studied biology at university, and the crossover between science and art is an endless source of fascination and fangirliness for me. I was therefore very excited about working on this private commission.


This piece was created for a gentleman (let’s call him Mr. X) who has worked in academia for many years, researching in the field of mathematical population genetics. For those of you who are scrunching up their faces right now, it’s about using maths to analyse the genes present in populations and how they evolve over time. Basically, it’s super complex but also super cool

If you look at the piece closely, you will see mathematical equations in black and silver, weaving over and under the illustrations. These were taken from Mr X’s research papers. All the strange lines and diagrams are also part of his research – I got so excited when I looked through his research because there was so much visual material to take inspiration from. (Who says science can’t look badass? Not me! Population biology FTW!)

You might recognise some of the geographical landmarks in the painting – they depict special places in Mr X’s life. Coincidentally, some of them are special places for me as well, so it was particularly fun to draw them.

Helena-Maratheftis-BLOG-mathpopgen4-small Helena-Maratheftis-BLOG-mathpopgen3-smallHelena-Maratheftis-BLOG-mathpopgen2-SMALL


Happy birthday Mr X! I hope you agree that your life looks beautiful as a painting (and beyond).

I’m Still Here!

Psssst! I know I’ve been very quiet but I promise I haven’t disappeared!

I’m planning  some (fairly) big changes around here and am working furiously on a brand new personal project which I’m really excited about…I just can’t show you what I’m working on quite yet. Thanks to all of you for sticking around. I look forward to having fresh new work to show you soon!


An Evening at Dr. Sketchy’s: Burlesque Life Drawing Class.

Last night I attended Dr. Sketchy‘s burlesque life drawing class at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I rocked up with a sketchbook, coloured pens, a few friends and high expectations. We did not leave disappointed!

In case you’re wondering what burlesque life drawing involves, think of it as an upgraded life drawing class: Instead of traditional nude models, you get to draw ‘beautiful burlesque performers, bizarre circus acts, and rippling hunks of man-flesh‘! Dusty Limits, our glamdrogynous MC, prowled around the room barking orders and handing out lollipops and cheeky compliments. The approach to drawing was the same as with karaoke: Skill doesn’t matter, but enthusiasm does. It was a really fun way to get back into life drawing.

Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--16Out first model was Violet Strangelove, who appeared on stage in full Minnie Mouse regalia.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--14Above: My drawing is on the right (I can’t resist adding colour, as usual). The sketch on the left belongs to my friend Tom, who I’m more used to seeing with a paintbrush in his hand.

Below: A drawing by my friend Andrew Croskery, who brought some super awesome brush-nibbed pens with him.  Andrew has published a graphic novel, and he’s so very good at drawing comic-style figures.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--03After a while, Minnie took her clothes off. Although she covered up her chest with her huge mousey hands, we did catch a glimpse of her Mickey Mouse shaped nipple tassles. OOH-ER.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--02Drawing above by Tom, drawing below by Andrew.


Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--17Next up: The gorgeous Frankie von Flirter. With her striking features and tumbling locks, Frankie was a dream to draw.

Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--10Below: A cubist interpretation of Frankie.

Helena-Maratheftis-dr-sketchy--09 Continue reading

Oh, oh Frida: Seven faces of the colourful Ms Kahlo.

Last weekend, I was having a chat with my boyfriend when I happened to mention Frida Kahlo. He had no idea who she was. Somehow, he had managed to go almost 30 years without seeing any picture of the iconic woman or her artwork, and I felt the need to rectify that. I dragged him to my computer and Google Image searched her name, talking all the while about her life and her struggles, her colours and flowers, and of course those magnificent, defiant eyebrows.


Consequently, I’ve been thinking about Frida all week, and when I picked up my sketchbook last night it was to draw her face. Or, rather, to draw a face…Fridafied. I started with a pen drawing but I ultimately ended up on Photoshop, where I completely let loose. I layered colours over colours and textures over textures. Pattern, blur, filter, smudge. Spots, dots, swipes and stripes.  I ended up with a whole series of Fridas, which is what I’m showing you today.


Helena-Maratheftis-Frida-wind-600 Helena-Maratheftis-Frida-kitchen sink3-600
Helena-Maratheftis-Frida-no outlines-600 Continue reading

Sickness Sketches Vol. 57804785760047

You may have figured out by now that I have a terrible immune system, and that I like to draw my way through my illness-induced misery. Last week’s cold was no exception, and I posted a couple of my sickness sketches onto my Instagram:

Helena-Maratheftis-instasicky1 Helena-Maratheftis-instasicky2Drawing – along with copious amounts of Haribo, tissues, cookies and Vitamin C – helped me through my week of fever and sniffling. Drawing is my ultimate distraction from everything happening around me (and I’m guessing that most illustrators would say the same). I also enjoy looking at my sickness sketches once I’m better, because there’s something about the melodrama and self-pity which is kind of hilarious to me!

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that I’m better now, and it’s back to regular programming on Instagram!

Back in Stock! Good Vibes prints and postcards.

Hello! I just restocked my Folksy Store with ‘Be Happy’ and ‘Chin Up!’ postcards and A3 posters

The A3 posters are printed on beautiful, 235gsm satin photo paper with a semi-gloss finish. The postcards come in packs of six and are printed on 100% recycled, 280gsm matte card stock. I made them as an antidote to rainy day gloom, and I recommend tacking them up above your desk for those days when grumpiness sets in!







Head over to my store and have a look!

Double Thefties: Mirror Images and Pattern Play.

Hello! Today I dug up one of my old paintings, a self-portrait that I made many moons ago. You already know how much I adore patterns and portraits, but did you know how much I enjoy reinventing old pieces? Because It’s a lot. In fact, while some people relax in front of the telly, my afternoons off are spent playing around with Photoshop. (My sore back is a testament to how much time I spent hunched in front of my monitor.) Anyway, enough chatter!

Here are some fluoro Double-Thefties, disco style!


Helena-Maratheftis-double-thefties-1 Helena-Maratheftis-double-thefties-2