Fluoro Self-Portrait

I started this painting a few months ago, when I had some paint left over from another project. I slapped on the pink and green thickly and quickly, creating a very rough self-portrait. Today I found the painting and decided to go over it in black markers, creating a crisp black layer of lines on top. (I love crisp black lines, I really do.)

There’s something spooky about a disembodied head with piercing fluoro eyes…but I like it. What do you think?

Paintings and home deco: Got stripes?

Right: Brace yourselves! There are a lot of stripes in this blog post!

This week I’ve been painting for myself, which has been really refreshing. I’d had a big canvas collecting dust under my bed for months, and I finally painted it and hung it up in my living room. Hooray! That dark little corner looks so much happier, and I feel pretty smug.

Below: A work in progress. (FYI, I managed to slather both my floor and the bum of my trousers in yellow paint this week. Oops.)

In our flat, we’ve created a fake ‘wall’ using a row of bookshelves. I got bored with the plain white backs of the shelves…so I put seafoam green stripes on them. Of course. (I think they work nicely with my red lamp and stripy trinket box. And yes, I also painted the trinket box.)

Funnily enough, the inspiration for these personal paintings came from a commission piece I’ve been working on, which features stripes in the background. I can’t wait to finish it and show it to you.