Thefty Cushions: Last Chance to Buy!

Hello! As you might already know, two of my cushion designs are for sale on Ohh Deer, as part of their Pillow Fight competition shop! I wanted to give you a heads up that the shop closes in one week (November 11th)! In other words, if you’d like a cushion or two, you’d better move very quickly!

You can buy my cushions here and here.



I bought a set of the cushions to check the quality, and I was really pleased -They’re soft, sturdy, and the colours are nice and rich!

Cushion details: The cushions are made from super-soft faux suede  and measure 43x43cm. They come complete with a fibre cushion insert (but to make postage cheaper you can opt to receive the cushion without the insert). The cushions all have a stone coloured back cover and zip fastening. They’re machine washable at 30°c and hand made In UK. They cost £24.95 each. (I already own two, and they’re great quality.)


Helena-Maratheftis-ohh-deer-blog-cushions2-02Here are a couple of close-ups:

Cushion design by Thefty (Helena Maratheftis)





About the competition:  The winners will become official contributors to the Ohh Deer collective, which is an amazing opportunity! The winners will be chosen based on how popular their cushions are, in terms of sales, but also in terms of how many shares they get on social media. So, even if you can’t buy a cushion, please help me out by sharing them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

I want to give a massive thumbs up to all of you who have supported my competition entries over the last month. Thank you so much!

Happy Anniversary: A Comic Strip.

Hello! Here is an illustration that I completed last month. It was commissioned as a wedding anniversary gift from a wife to her husband! Sweet!

I was asked to illustrate the text messages that she and her husband sent to each other on the eve of their wedding, and on the morning of the big day. I turned the texts into a hand-drawn comic strip! I really loved playing around with the layout and adding dialogue (as well as slightly absurd details such as an owl out the window).


If you’re wondering why there are greyed-out bits, blank spaces and empty speech bubbles, it’s because I edited out the names of the bride and groom to give them a bit of privacy!

In other news, his is my 3rd marriage-related commission of the summer (Here’s the first and the second)! It’s really kinda nice to be involved with so many people’s happy occasions – these kind of commissions really give me the warm and fuzzies.

Jacob and his Sweater-vests: A drawing.

Hello! Here’s a little something I drew this weekend. You see, I was feeling a bit chilly, so I doodled a dude in a jumper.


You may be interested to know that I’m also a fan of sweater vests, especially ones in garish colours. (I also dabble in black nails, but only if glitter is involved.)

The GIF That Keeps On Giving

This week I learnt how to make GIFs, and I’ve been on absolute rampage. I made my first GIF for my portfolio homepage. However, I couldn’t stop, and I’ve been animating my artwork all day:

Above: Made from my three Super Good Day posters

Above: Made from my painting, Stripes on Stripes

Above: Made from my Fluoro Self Portrait

Above: I turned a picture of me into my new Twitter picture.

And lastly, I made this creative masterpiece:

I had pictures of llamas lying around from a recent farm visit, and I couldn’t help myself. Don’t pretend you don’t love it.

Hey you! A doodle in peach.

Hello! Here’s a drawing I did yesterday during my designated doodle time. (Yes, I set aside time to just mess around with pens and paper and Photoshop. It helps to keep me sane.) Is it wrong that I want to wear the outfit I’ve drawn? Futuristic loungewear is how I would describe it.

The characters I draw always come with their own personalities. This one’s a bit of a whippersnapper firecracker with a heart of gold. She lives alone in a huge white house and is often seen watering the grass in full make up and big hair.

I think I’m going to name her Martha, partly because she’s got a hint of that tripped-out 60s vibe that Martha Rich depicts so well. (Hi, Martha!)

Sketchbook Characters

Hello! I am one of those people who has about ten sketchbooks on the go at any given time. I don’t know how it happens, but it does. The result is that I draw things and then forget about them until I stumble upon them months (or years!) later. I decided to look through some of my sketchbooks yesterday, and some of the stuff really made me laugh:

There was a fair bit of material, so I posted the rest in a Facebook album, here. Check it out!

Napkin doodle #1


I spent last night scribbling on a napkin, in response to a Doodlers Anonymous call for submissions. I haven’t had time to scribble lately, and so it was a truly refreshing exercise.

I’m off work today (thanks to my sickly little body) but at least I’m getting my kicks with pen and paper! I might do another napkin sketch right now!

Cardboard demons

I love these two. The cardboard is the box from a parcel my mother sent.

'Cardboard Demons', aquarelle pencil and acrylic paint on cardboard, approx. 45 x 60 cm, not for sale
'Cardboard Demons', aquarelle pencil and acrylic paint on cardboard, approx. 45 x 60 cm, not for sale