Thefty Cushions: Last Chance to Buy!

Hello! As you might already know, two of my cushion designs are for sale on Ohh Deer, as part of their Pillow Fight competition shop! I wanted to give you a heads up that the shop closes in one week (November 11th)! In other words, if you’d like a cushion or two, you’d better move very quickly!

You can buy my cushions here and here.



I bought a set of the cushions to check the quality, and I was really pleased -They’re soft, sturdy, and the colours are nice and rich!

Cushion details: The cushions are made from super-soft faux suede  and measure 43x43cm. They come complete with a fibre cushion insert (but to make postage cheaper you can opt to receive the cushion without the insert). The cushions all have a stone coloured back cover and zip fastening. They’re machine washable at 30°c and hand made In UK. They cost £24.95 each. (I already own two, and they’re great quality.)


Helena-Maratheftis-ohh-deer-blog-cushions2-02Here are a couple of close-ups:

Cushion design by Thefty (Helena Maratheftis)





About the competition:  The winners will become official contributors to the Ohh Deer collective, which is an amazing opportunity! The winners will be chosen based on how popular their cushions are, in terms of sales, but also in terms of how many shares they get on social media. So, even if you can’t buy a cushion, please help me out by sharing them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

I want to give a massive thumbs up to all of you who have supported my competition entries over the last month. Thank you so much!

Happy Anniversary: A Comic Strip.

Hello! Here is an illustration that I completed last month. It was commissioned as a wedding anniversary gift from a wife to her husband! Sweet!

I was asked to illustrate the text messages that she and her husband sent to each other on the eve of their wedding, and on the morning of the big day. I turned the texts into a hand-drawn comic strip! I really loved playing around with the layout and adding dialogue (as well as slightly absurd details such as an owl out the window).


If you’re wondering why there are greyed-out bits, blank spaces and empty speech bubbles, it’s because I edited out the names of the bride and groom to give them a bit of privacy!

In other news, his is my 3rd marriage-related commission of the summer (Here’s the first and the second)! It’s really kinda nice to be involved with so many people’s happy occasions – these kind of commissions really give me the warm and fuzzies.

Valentine’s Day Lovebugs

Hello! I’m partial to a good Valentine’s day doodle, but I thought I’d do it my way this year (by which I mean, insects were involved). The word ‘lovebug’ magically popped into my head while editing these photos, and a little while later I’d created these:


Happy Valentine’s Day!


I hope you have a lovely day, no matter what you’re doing.

Jacob and his Sweater-vests: A drawing.

Hello! Here’s a little something I drew this weekend. You see, I was feeling a bit chilly, so I doodled a dude in a jumper.


You may be interested to know that I’m also a fan of sweater vests, especially ones in garish colours. (I also dabble in black nails, but only if glitter is involved.)

Christmas Decorations: A Doodle.

Hello! I’ve got a cold. A disgusting, horrible, unwelcome cold. I spent yesterday wrapped in a blanket, popping paracetamol like candy. On the upside, I got a great view of our Christmas tree from my spot on the couch…and so I drew some of our tree decorations. Of course.


Our tree is a 6 foot, ‘champagne’ coloured, tinsel monstrosity. We love it. It’s loaded with decorations, most of them being gifts from family and friends.

What’s on your tree?

Vintage Recipes by Doris: Cookbook Illustrations

Hello! I’ve been working on an exciting project which combines a few of my favourite things: Food, the 1960s, and family treasures. I was approached by Miss E., who had an excellent idea for her mother’s birthday. See, Miss E’s mother has her mother’s (Doris) handwritten recipe book from the 1960s, but the book is falling apart. Miss E. had the idea of turning Doris’ old book into a new, digitally printed book…featuring illustrations by me!

The images below are scans from the pages of the original recipe book. There are over 50 recipes in total, either in beautiful handwriting or typewritten text. I am so glad that Miss E. has chosen to print the original scans – with their scribbles and splotches – rather than just typing out the recipes again. There’s something so charming about them. The book is so beautiful and I wish I could show you all the pages!

Doris’ book features around 50, solid North American recipes, such as rock cakes, turkey hash, pound cake, and sausage stuffing. I tried to give my illustrations a fun, vintage feel. I wanted them to add colour to the book without overpowering the recipes themselves! I kept my colours muted (except for a few bright bursts here and there) and used a blank page as a template. Here are a few of my favourite drawings:

 It has been an honour to be Doris’ collaborator, and I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes (with Miss E’s permission, of course!). Oh, and my best wishes to the birthday girl!

Wedding Animals: otters, aardvarks and line-drawings.

Hello! I’ve just finished another project! This one’s for two lovely biologists who are getting married this Spring.

Between them, they study a whole bunch of wild animal species, and I was asked to draw 15 of them. My drawings will be displayed on tables at the wedding reception, instead of simply numbering the tables. (Isn’t that a nice idea?) Anyway, here are my 10 favourite drawings, presented to you in diagram-from-a-textbook style.

Which one is your favourite?

Line drawings feature in most of my artwork, but there’s usually plenty of colour involved, too. It was really refreshing to keep it simple with these drawings.

I hope you love them, Ms A. & Mr B.

Christmas ‘Cootie Catcher’

Hello! As a Christmas present for all of you, I’ve made a printable Christmas ‘cootie catcher’! I think it would make a funny little stocking stuffer, or a cute decoration on the Christmas table! I hope you like it.

The fortunes are as eye-roll-inducing as you’d hope. (See below for the rest of them!)

The template below can be printed straight onto A4 paper (click here for full size version). All you need to do is print it, cut off the excess at the bottom, and fold it up! (Folding instructions here.)

Happy fortune telling! Let me know if you decide to print some – I’d love to know what you do with them!

p.s. Don’t forget – I’ve also got a bunch of Christmas cards in my shop, in case you haven’t bought yours yet!

London Skies: A Private Commission

Hello! This piece was commissioned by an Aussie living in London. She’s here for a limited time only, and she wanted this painting to serve as a non-corny souvenir! Here’s the finished product (I wish metallics weren’t so hard to photograph!):

The words are lyrics from a Jamie Cullum song, and they say, ‘The sunlight always shines behind the clouds of London Skies‘. I was asked to include these words in the painting, and they inspired a lot of the imagery.

If you look closely, you’ll see the Queen having a G&T with her corgi, a squirrel tea party, the London Eye on a bad hair day, a pigeon, Kate and Wills, a lot of rain, and quite a lot more. I hope you like it Miss A!

Thefty does Christmas cards!

Hello! If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been designing Christmas cards. I’m pleased to announce that they’re ready! If you’d like to buy them, click here to visit my shop.

I’m selling the cards in packs of six (with two designs per pack).They can also be bought individually (the individual cards are hand-decorated with acrylic rhinestones, which I think looks extra cool).

I realise that frogs, kiwi fruit and dinosaurs are not exactly traditional Christmas imagery. However, I think the cards look festive and joyful, which is what the Christmas season is about for many people. I hope they make you smile!Click here to buy cards from my art shop! (Oh, and keep in mind that art prints make great Christmas presents, wink wink.)

p.s. I baked the cupcakes and gingerbread robots featured on the cards – I can confirm that they were very tasty.

Slaves to Ice-cream!

Hello! This is my submission to Doodlers Anonymous’ Showcase, where artists were invited to design a calendar page for August 2012. (You might remember my June submission.) Seeing as August is a summer month, I went for an ice-creamy theme, and threw in a robot and a bunny for good measure.

Doodlers Anonymous set just one rule: all work must be 100% hand-drawn. I enjoy producing work for their showcases, as it forces me to get back to basics and play with my pencils. This time, I set myself an extra rule: no black!

Let me know what you think! (Oh, and feel free to head over and vote!)



these are another couple of pages from my sketchbook.


Hmmm. Turns out I’m a total sucker for cute stuff (I just generally do a good job of hiding it).

You Me We Us


This is another new one. I probably should have posted this around valentine’s day, but this blog didn’t exist then. Oh well.

This piece is for sale (although sentimental attachment may force me to keep it).

'You Me We Us', acrylic and paint marker on canvas, 51 x 51cm
‘You Me We Us’, acrylic and paint marker on canvas, 51 x 51cm

I’ve included a detail of the painting (below) so that you can more easily see the metallic sections. It is quite difficult to photograph the shiny surfaces, you see.