Oh, oh Frida: Seven faces of the colourful Ms Kahlo.

Last weekend, I was having a chat with my boyfriend when I happened to mention Frida Kahlo. He had no idea who she was. Somehow, he had managed to go almost 30 years without seeing any picture of the iconic woman or her artwork, and I felt the need to rectify that. I dragged him to my computer and Google Image searched her name, talking all the while about her life and her struggles, her colours and flowers, and of course those magnificent, defiant eyebrows.


Consequently, I’ve been thinking about Frida all week, and when I picked up my sketchbook last night it was to draw her face. Or, rather, to draw a face…Fridafied. I started with a pen drawing but I ultimately ended up on Photoshop, where I completely let loose. I layered colours over colours and textures over textures. Pattern, blur, filter, smudge. Spots, dots, swipes and stripes.  I ended up with a whole series of Fridas, which is what I’m showing you today.


Helena-Maratheftis-Frida-wind-600 Helena-Maratheftis-Frida-kitchen sink3-600
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Illustration Workshop @ Central St. Martins

Hello! As I mentioned previously, I spent last week at an Illustration Workshop at Central St. Martins. It was a very busy and colourful week! I learnt new techniques, I played with a variety of materials, and I got to meet a really great bunch of creative people. Here are a few snapshots from the week:

Experimenting with hand-drawn typography: inks, felt tip pens, and little monsters.

A classroom-ful of colourful legs!

Ellena’s amazing Frida Kahlo brooch, by Tatty Devine.

Girls, girls, girls! (There were boys, they were just hiding.)

Making a mess with the printing inks.

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