Thefty goes to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Thefty-LSHTM-Measles-1-700pxDid you know that 5 pence from every Retroviral mug sale is donated towards research at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (aka the LSHTM)?

The LSHTM is a world leader in developing vaccines and treatments, with the mission of improving global health. It is wonderful to be contributing towards this mission. The director of LSHTM, Peter Piot, was a key figure in responding to the recent Ebola Virus crisis, and so it was a natural fit for our charity donations to be given to the school; our Retroviral mugs are covered in images of viruses, so it makes sense for them to be linked to an institution which is battling the effects of these diseases.


Until yesterday, I had never visited the LSHTM campus! I was kindly invited to visit the school grounds, meet the team, and hear more about the school’s work and (super-interesting) history. LSHTM is housed in a beautiful 1920s building in London’s Bloomsbury. It has many of the original Art Deco features (including a droolworthy library), plus lots of Science-inspired artwork and historical artefacts (for example, John Snow’s replica pump handle… and no, not that John Snow).

Interesting fact: The original LSHTM campus was located near London’s Docklands, because sailors returning from far-flung locations would bring back unfamiliar illnesses  – hence “Tropical Medicine” – that needed urgent attention! The corridors of the new campus have curved, wooden elements which are reminiscent of the hulls of ships, or ocean waves. A nice detail. Thanks for having me, LSHTM!

To donate to LSHTM directly, click here.

To order Retroviral Mugs, click here.


Retroviral is a collection of Fine Bone China mugs for design nerds and science geeks alike. The eyecatching designs riff off unexpected biological motifs: the microscopic structure of virus particles. The collection includes six designs: Measles, Influenza, Smallpox, Rabies, Herpes and HIV. Retroviral is an artist’s spin on scientific information, and exists at the meeting point between design and science communication.

Retroviral is live on Kickstarter until April 3rd. The more pledges we receive, the more mugs we will be able to make… and the more we can then donate to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

If you miss the Kickstarter deadline, fear not! The mugs will be available for online pre-order on Etsy and Folksy. Thank you!

Thefty Gets Real: Here we go…!

Hello! Hey guys! I’m back! Thank you for sticking with this blog despite months of silence. I disappeared to work on a mysterious personal project which I told you nothing about…until now (cue the Drama Button). You might have noticed the redesign of this website, and there are plenty more new things to come.

Thefty started out as a nickname, and it has become my art alter ego, but I’ve always envisioned Thefty as something else. See, I love stuff. Patterned, OTT, boldly-illustrated, over-saturated stuff. Slightly off-beat, put-it-on-your-shelf-and-grin-at-it, buy-it-gleefully-as-a-gift stuff. Beyond creating illustrations and paintings, stuff – specifically, homewares – is what I’ve dreamed of making. To me, Thefty has always been the name of my design label that never was.

Which brings us to today: I am currently staring at a huge pile of boxes filled with the very first batch of true-blue, real-deal, for-serious Thefty homewares. Yes! They’re fresh from the manufacturers and I’m so excited!


It has taken literally years to get here, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been making. HINT: Science geeks will not be disappointed.

Are you ready for this? Because I really, really am. Stay tuned!

Pro tip: For extra sneak peeks, check out Thefty on Facebook 


p.s. Don’t you worry – this blog will still feature lots of art and illustration and photography.

Exciting News! Cushions For Sale!

Hello! Last week I told you about the Ohh Deer Pillow Fight competition. Since then, there has been an exciting twist:



I’m sorry to get all CAPSy on you, but I had to shout it. See, everyone who submitted a cushion design will have their design put into the Ohh Deer shop for three weeks only. After that, only the best-selling designs will remain in the Ohh Deer shop.

If you’ve always wanted a piece of artiness in your home, now’s your chance!  I would love your support, as it would be amazing to see my designs in the main collection by Ohh Deer.

To buy a cushion, Click HERE and HERE!

Remember that Christmas is coming up and colourful cushions make great gifts (wink, wink). I understand that not everybody is in the market for a cushion, but I’d really appreciate it if you could help me to spread the word! Tell your friends!