Weekly Inspiration: Food, Flowers and Radiohead.

Hello! This is a weekly feature where I share my photos with you. I carry my camera everywhere, and I’m always taking pictures of things that inspire me. Prepare to see lots of colours, patterns and good times through my lens!

This has been a very good week. Last weekend I went to Columbia Road Flower Market with a good friend, where we ate steamed buns and perved on cupcakes. There was so much to see and photograph! Monday was also super good, because I went to see Radiohead (for the third time). I was Radiohead’s biggest fangirl in my teens, and I still love them.

Mosaics on Columbia Road.

An elaborate, lacy wire fence, seen in East London. Too beautiful.

Mountains and mountains of technicolour tulips.

Piles of salmon-stuffed bagels in a shop window. Oh, yummy.

Sunday sunlight and rows of very cool shops.

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Piano Head: A sketch

Hello! Here’s another pen drawing from the archives. I don’t know why it never made it onto the blog!

I freshened it up with crisp blue dots and a splash of sea foam green (one of my TOP 5 favourite colours, ever).

I have no idea what inspired this drawing, but I like the idea of a piano-keyed head.

Blast From the Past: Hit & Run Flyers

Hello! Today I stumbled across the very first pieces of paid design work I ever did: A set of flyers for Hit & Run  drum’n’bass nights, 2006. I was a university student back then, and I was so excited to be making something that would be seen by more than 5 people, haha. Here are two of them:

What a nice little blast from the past. I remember having so much fun designing these. If you know anyone who needs a flyer designer, give me a shout!

Simple Things: A Belle & Sebastian drawing

Hello! I’ve always been inspired by song lyrics, and around 2008, I was obsessed with this song by Belle & Sebastian. I have a mountain of sketches inspired by that short, sweet song. I found the bones of a drawing in a folder today, and have spent the last few hours turning it into this:

‘If you want me look me up

I don’t exist in usual places

subtle as the wind is grey’

This song fills me with the good kind of melancholy. I love it.

Album Covers Re-imagined: Illustration Rally

Hello! These are my contributions to the Album Cover Rally, by Illustration Rally blog. The idea was to redesign the covers of our favourite music albums. I remixed some old artwork to recreate two covers: Beck’s iconic album Odelay, as well as the lesser known (but equally delightful) Since I Left You, by The Avalanches.

These albums use quirky audio sampling to similar effect: A playful, unusual and richly textured sonic experience.  I thought the use of ‘audio collage’ would work well with the visual collage in my cover designs! I hope you like them.

Drawing Lyrics: Somebody That I Used To Know

I haven’t drawn song lyrics in a long time. I used to draw lyrics obsessively… mainly because I also listened to songs obsessively, on repeat. The last time this happened to me was in 2008, when I finally discovered Belle & Sebastian (this song blew my mind). It happened again, yesterday, with this song. I can’t stop pressing replay.

It’s a melancholy little sparkler of a song. It contains xylophones and an Australian, both of which are excellent things.

p.s. I’m an  Australian, so may be biased.

Create A Diversion: An exhibition

Hello! There’s a very cool exhibition on in East London this weekend, exploring the relationship between music and art. I’m contributing a piece to the show, and I’m very excited! If you’d like to check it out, Click here for more details.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded photos from the event here.

GROK Projects: Music and art

Here’s a little bit about my latest project:

GROK are inviting artists to create a piece of visual work in any medium in response to any of the tracks from their forthcoming album. The artwork will be exhibited in an East London gallery on 8th-9th October 2011, along with listening posts to hear the songs and included in the album artwork and on a dedicated website.’

My painting  was created in response to the track ‘Box Bronson’, and has been selected for the exhibition. How exciting! Here’s the link to the track:

The track – especially the intro – made me think of shards of glass and layers of twinkling chandelier crystals. There’s something melancholy about the music (hence the face), but also something very dynamic and energetic (hence the vivid colours).

Exhibition details:

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October 2011, 12:00 midday – 11:00pm

The Rag Factory(16-18 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ)