Christmas Gift Guide: The Science Wishlist!

Hello! I have put together a collection of cool/beautiful science-themed goodies which make A+ Christmas presents. These items are mainly inspired by biology and natural history, and I’d be very happy to find them underneath my Christmas tree. Scroll down for a list of books, clothing, jewellery, artwork, home accessories and stationery. There’s stuff for kids, stuff for grown ups, pretty things and simply badass things. Enjoy!


1. 3D printed bracelet, inspired by Radiolarians. By Nervous System. £52.35

2. The Universe is Under No Obligation to Make Sense to You, art print by DangerDust. £13.09

3. Mitochondria Greeting Card, by Anatomically Correct Greetings. £2.78

4. Natural History Illustration butterfly brooches, by Blings to Pay the Bills. £5.69

5. Melatonin molecule necklace, by Cherryloco Jewellery. £15.oo

6. Anemone clutch bag, by Saskia Pomeroy. £45.00


7. Petri Dish Paper Coaster Set, by Proton Paperie. £9.82

8. White Blood Cell (basophil) plushie, by ButterflyLove1. £10.47

9. Fluid Earrings, inspired by ammonite fossils. By Nervous System. £13.09

10. HIV Retroviral Mug, fine bone china, by Thefty. £9.90

11. Herpes Retroviral Mug, fine bone china, by Thefty. £9.90

12. Rabies Retroviral Mug, fine bone china, by Thefty. £9.90

13. Moorland Botanical Sweater, by Masha Reva x SNDCT. £78.53


14. Endangered Bee Board Shorts, by Riz. £90.00

15. Animalium: Welcome to the Museum. By Katie Scott and Jenny Broom. £15.49

16. Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll, book by Zoe Cormier. £12.99

17. Set of White Pencils with Purpose, by Newton and the Apple. £6.50

18. Dinosaur Santa Christmas card, by Thefty. £1.75

19. Anatomy Tee, by nonfictiontees. £9.81

Happy shopping!


Pillow Fight! Thefty Cushions in Stock!

Exciting news alert! Two of my cushion designs are currently for sale on Ohh Deer, as part of their Pillow Fight competition shop! The cushions will be available for one month only. The shop closes (for good) on November 11th.

About the competition:  The winners will become official contributors to the Ohh Deer collective, which is an amazing opportunity! The winners will be chosen based on how popular their cushions are, in terms of sales, but also in terms of how many shares they get on social media. So, even if you can’t buy a cushion, please help me out by sharing them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

You can see and buy my designs here and here.


Cushion details: The cushions are made from super-soft faux suede  and measure 43x43cm. They come complete with a fibre cushion insert (but to make postage cheaper you can opt to receive the cushion without the insert). The cushions all have a stone coloured back cover and zip fastening. They’re machine washable at 30°c and hand made In UK. They cost £24.95 each. (I already own two, and they’re great quality.)



Click HERE to buy my ‘OK’ pillow!Helena-Maratheftis-pillow-fight-screenshot1

Click HERE to buy my ‘YES’ pillow!


It is so exciting to see my designs in the Ohh Deer shop!

It would be incredible to win, so if you like my designs then please share the links (this one and this one) all over social media…

…and of course feel free to actually buy the cushions ;-)

Double Thefties: Mirror Images and Pattern Play.

Hello! Today I dug up one of my old paintings, a self-portrait that I made many moons ago. You already know how much I adore patterns and portraits, but did you know how much I enjoy reinventing old pieces? Because It’s a lot. In fact, while some people relax in front of the telly, my afternoons off are spent playing around with Photoshop. (My sore back is a testament to how much time I spent hunched in front of my monitor.) Anyway, enough chatter!

Here are some fluoro Double-Thefties, disco style!


Helena-Maratheftis-double-thefties-1 Helena-Maratheftis-double-thefties-2


Beetles! A new collection at the NHM.

Hello! Welcome to my Beetles! series. I take photos for the beetles department at the Natural History Museum (aka the ‘Coleoptera section of the Terrestrial Invertebrates Division’). There are plenty of photos to share. Stay tuned!

Last week was extra-exciting, as the team unveiled thousands of new specimens acquired for the museum collection. I was invited to take a peek at the new material…and encouraged to take lots of pictures, as usual. Here are some of my favourites. (You’ll be entirely shocked to discover that my favourites were the most heavily coloured and patterned beetles of the bunch!)



Helena-Maratheftis-NHM-new-collection-600-03Jade greens and dusty blues…spots and stripes and abstract prints…gloss and matte and metallic finishes… these little guys give me so much inspiration for my artwork. They are just too cool.


Helena-Maratheftis-NHM-new-collection-600-09Row after row of little white boxes, filled with specimens from all around the globe. These will soon be integrated with the museum’s current collection.



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Teleidoscopic: Colourful Photography and Film.

Hello! I’ve got something very different for you today! If you were a follower of my old blog, you might know what a teleidoscope is. I’ve had mine for years, and it lives on my desk in my pencil mug. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I pick it up and walk around my house peering through it. Yesterday, I took this to another level, and decided to shoot a short film through my teleidoscope!

The film is completely silent, but I strongly recommend you play this track by Andrew Bird at the same time!

Helena-Maratheftis-teleidoscopic-collage2I also took a series of photos through the teleidoscope. If you look closely, you’ll see books, wooden flooring, a fireplace, and even my slippers. I’ve uploaded many more to the Thefty Facebook Page. Go and have a look!


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Double Dolls: Playing With Patterns.

Hello! I had some free time yesterday, so I picked up a red pen and started scribbling on scraps of paper. I scanned one of the drawings – a doll in a party hat – and went wild on Photoshop. As you can see, I’m a fan of creating repeating patterns and layering one on top of the other. I get really excited when I get to play around with colours and patterns – I guess my retinas really enjoy being bombarded!


Helena-Maratheftis-double-dolls-small3 Helena-Maratheftis-double-dolls-small2A funny thought: Although red is the colour I wear the most, I hardly ever use it in my artwork. On the contrary, you’ll find shades of blue all over my drawings, but I don’t own a single piece of blue clothing (except for a single pair of electric blue tights). Isn’t that strange? I wonder why that is.

Random observations aside, I reckon the last image would make for some excellent wrapping paper. What do you think?

Weekly Inspiration: Allsorts.

Hello! This is a weekly feature where I share my photos with you. I carry my camera everywhere, and I’m always taking pictures of things that inspire me. Prepare to see lots of colours, patterns and good times through my lens!

This has been the sort of week where I’ve been doing a million things: Drawing, photographing, cleaning, baking, (eating), partying. It’s been manic, and it looks set to stay that way for another few weeks. Argh!

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour15-03Hand washing clothes: My least favourite (but most colourful) chore.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour15-02Hand decorated flower pot number two! I used bright yellow acrylic paint and drew the triangles with a silver marker.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour15-01Animal cupcakes at Whole Foods.

The Rocking Horse at Trafalgar Square.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour15-06I spent a morning in Dalston on a photo shoot.

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Exciting News! Cushions For Sale!

Hello! Last week I told you about the Ohh Deer Pillow Fight competition. Since then, there has been an exciting twist:



I’m sorry to get all CAPSy on you, but I had to shout it. See, everyone who submitted a cushion design will have their design put into the Ohh Deer shop for three weeks only. After that, only the best-selling designs will remain in the Ohh Deer shop.

If you’ve always wanted a piece of artiness in your home, now’s your chance!  I would love your support, as it would be amazing to see my designs in the main collection by Ohh Deer.

To buy a cushion, Click HERE and HERE!

Remember that Christmas is coming up and colourful cushions make great gifts (wink, wink). I understand that not everybody is in the market for a cushion, but I’d really appreciate it if you could help me to spread the word! Tell your friends!

Weekly Inspiration: Rain, Patterns, and A Giant Fish.

Hello! This is a weekly feature where I share my photos with you. I carry my camera everywhere, and I’m always taking pictures of things that inspire me. Prepare to see lots of colours, patterns and good times through my lens!

This week, London was rained on. A lot. However, I managed a trip to East London, and the Natural History Museum for Science Uncovered.

First up, here’s my face through a teleidoscope (which is not the same as a kaleidoscope).

The Natural History Museum is one of my favourite places in London. Ain’t it grand?

A coelocanth is a very large fish, and is often called a ‘living fossil’.

The leftovers of an autumn downpour.

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Weekly inspiration: Colour and pattern.

This is the first edition of a new blog feature! The plan is to share my photographs with you, hopefully once a week.

I carry my camera everywhere, and I’m always taking pictures of things that inspire me. Prepare to see lots of colourful and heavily-patterned things through my lens! This past week, I’ve been in London, Brighton and Cambridge. Here’s a  jumble of my favourite photos:

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Album Covers Re-imagined: Illustration Rally

Hello! These are my contributions to the Album Cover Rally, by Illustration Rally blog. The idea was to redesign the covers of our favourite music albums. I remixed some old artwork to recreate two covers: Beck’s iconic album Odelay, as well as the lesser known (but equally delightful) Since I Left You, by The Avalanches.

These albums use quirky audio sampling to similar effect: A playful, unusual and richly textured sonic experience.  I thought the use of ‘audio collage’ would work well with the visual collage in my cover designs! I hope you like them.

Private Commission: Joy In Small Places

Hello! This is a brand new piece, called ‘Joy In Small Places’. It was commissioned by someone who wanted something bright and happy for their new home. This was a hugely enjoyable piece to work on – it’s lovely when a client suggests something that triggers off a flood of ideas! In this case, my client wanted a piece inspired by Islamic art. No faces, no animals, just a sea of elaborate patterns.

This is the biggest commissioned piece I’ve ever worked on. It is loaded with sparkling rhinestones and luminous acrylic pearls, as well as lots of silver ink. I love the way it shimmers in dim light, and I like the way the stark black patterns keep it from being too ‘girly’.

I hope you like it, Miss T!



Do you remember the turtles I made for Selfridges’ Project Ocean? I loved making them, and I was thrilled when I was commissioned to make another one. This time it’s a private commission for someone’s turtle loving brother. The turtle has been named Fred!

I’ll miss Frank. He’s made my house look very cheerful. Enjoy your gift, Lee!


Pattern has always featured heavily in my work, but rarely has it been the focal point. With these two pieces I thought I would try something different…and I quite like how they turned out.

1. Blue/Orange Tearburst, Mixed media on canvas, 50x50cm, FOR SALE

2. Pink/Green Tearburst, Mixed media on canvas, 50x50cm, FOR SALE


Hello there,

does this ring a bell?


Here’s a hint: It used to look like this –


When I ‘finished’ the latter, I was going on about how is was much simpler than my other pieces but it still worked. LIES. It turns out that I cannot handle minimalism and, unless I’ve plastered my images with aggressive colours and patterns (and rhinestones), I am not happy.

Now I am happy.

The end.