New Stockist: Thefty at the Wellcome Collection!

Hello! Exciting stockist update: Our Retroviral mugs are now stocked at the Wellcome Collection Shop.


The Wellcome Collection is one of our favourite places in London: describing itself as ‘the free destination for the incurably curious‘, the collection displays an eclectic mix of medical artifacts and original artworks exploring ‘ideas about the connections between medicine, life and art‘.

In other words, the Wellcome Collection is the perfect place for our mugs to be.

The next time you drop by (perhaps to catch the States of Mind installation) make sure to pop into the gift shop – Retroviral mugs aside, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll leave empty handed.

2015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-001 2015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-004 2015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-0052015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-003 2015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-009 2015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-0112015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-0102015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-0072015_12_11-Thefty-Wellcome-Retroviral-002

The Wellcome Collection

Galleries, Cafe & Shop

183 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE

New Stockist: Thefty at Drink Shop & Do

Hello! Exciting news alert!  As you might have spotted on Facebook and Instagram, Thefty has a new stockist! You can now shop the Retroviral Collection at the super super cool Drink Shop & Do in King’s Cross.

Drink Shop & Do is part cafe, part bar, part shop and part event space (hence the ‘do’ in the name). I’m guessing that many of you Londoners have already been to DSD, but if you haven’t, you now have the perfect excuse! There are always plenty of creative and offbeat events going on, and the products in the shop are just as eclectic as the events list. We’re so excited to be involved.

Head to DSD and have a look…go for the Retroviral Mugs and stay for the cake!

2015_03_25-Thefty-Drink-Shop-Do2015_03_25-Thefty-Drink-Shop-Do3 Retroviral Fine Bone China Mug Trio: HERPES, RABIES, HIV2015_03_25-Thefty-Drink-Shop-Do2

Drink, Shop & Do

9 Caledonian Road,
Kings Cross,
N1 9DX

Christmas Gift Guide: The Science Wishlist!

Hello! I have put together a collection of cool/beautiful science-themed goodies which make A+ Christmas presents. These items are mainly inspired by biology and natural history, and I’d be very happy to find them underneath my Christmas tree. Scroll down for a list of books, clothing, jewellery, artwork, home accessories and stationery. There’s stuff for kids, stuff for grown ups, pretty things and simply badass things. Enjoy!


1. 3D printed bracelet, inspired by Radiolarians. By Nervous System. £52.35

2. The Universe is Under No Obligation to Make Sense to You, art print by DangerDust. £13.09

3. Mitochondria Greeting Card, by Anatomically Correct Greetings. £2.78

4. Natural History Illustration butterfly brooches, by Blings to Pay the Bills. £5.69

5. Melatonin molecule necklace, by Cherryloco Jewellery. £15.oo

6. Anemone clutch bag, by Saskia Pomeroy. £45.00


7. Petri Dish Paper Coaster Set, by Proton Paperie. £9.82

8. White Blood Cell (basophil) plushie, by ButterflyLove1. £10.47

9. Fluid Earrings, inspired by ammonite fossils. By Nervous System. £13.09

10. HIV Retroviral Mug, fine bone china, by Thefty. £9.90

11. Herpes Retroviral Mug, fine bone china, by Thefty. £9.90

12. Rabies Retroviral Mug, fine bone china, by Thefty. £9.90

13. Moorland Botanical Sweater, by Masha Reva x SNDCT. £78.53


14. Endangered Bee Board Shorts, by Riz. £90.00

15. Animalium: Welcome to the Museum. By Katie Scott and Jenny Broom. £15.49

16. Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll, book by Zoe Cormier. £12.99

17. Set of White Pencils with Purpose, by Newton and the Apple. £6.50

18. Dinosaur Santa Christmas card, by Thefty. £1.75

19. Anatomy Tee, by nonfictiontees. £9.81

Happy shopping!


West Hampstead Christmas Market 2014

Hello! On Saturday we attended the 2014 West Hampstead Christmas Market. We woke up to perfect weather – brilliant blue skies and a dusting of glittering frost – and headed to West End Green to set up our stall. We had great day chatting to customers about our items (our Retroviral mugs elicited more than a few double takes), getting to know our fellow stall holders, and enjoying live music, carols…and plenty of hot mulled wine. And chicken soup. And falafel. O! What fun!


Our Retroviral mugs made their market debut on Saturday! It was lovely to see customers’ reactions face-to-face, and to see how many design-nerd-science-lovers there are out there. Viruses on a mug might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they sure make for an excellent conversation starter! You can read more about them here.

Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-005 Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-003

We were also selling art prints, postcards and Christmas cards at our stall. Our Christmas cards are still available online, so go and get ’em while stocks last.

Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-004 Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-006 Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-007

Above: South London Samba kept us entertained with their drumming, although I probably put off multiple potential customers with my aggressive dance moves.

Below: The super-lovely ladies from The Village Haberdashery. If you find yourself in NW6, make sure to visit their colourful store on Mill Lane.

Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-008 Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-009 Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-010

Below: Eyecatching luxe clutch bags by ClutterClutch. So many metallics, so much fluoro, so much sparkle! If I knew how to use emojis on WordPress I’d insert a heart here.

Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-011 Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-012 Helena-Maratheftis-thefty-west-hamp=market-014

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Black Friday Sale!

Hello! It’s Black Friday! Get 15% off in my shop until midnight tomorrow* with the code 15WOOHOO.


*Yes, midnight (in London) of the 29th of November…so it’s a two day sale. Lucky you!


Blog and Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist: My Top Picks.

Hello! The epic annual Blog And Buy Sale Christmas Wish List is now live…and we’re so pleased to announce that our Retroviral mugs have been featured. Hooray! The wish list is ‘a curated list of the very best creative products available online’, so it’s incredibly exciting to be included.


You can shop directly from the page – each item links to individual designers’ stores and social media pages. With several hundred hand-picked items to choose from, Christmas shopping should be sorted! I’ve already bought a handful of items from the Wish List because I couldn’t resist. Here are a few of my favourites. (And yes, of course I included our mugs!)

Thefty-blogandbuysale-favesItem list (I want them all!):

1. Dinosaur Print, by Cha Com Letras

2. Ohh-Ahh Wall Hook, by Ohh Ahh

3. Quartz Candy Print, by Paul Farrell

4. Fabric Letters, by Kitty McCall

5. Handmade Geometric Ceramic Necklace, by Isla Clay

6. Love Card, by Karolin Schnoor

7. Retroviral mugs: Herpes, HIV, or Rabies, by Thefty

8. Star Christmas Baubles, by Stories for Autumn

9. Colourful Deep Sea Pouch, by Gabote

10. Sunny Forest Tray, by Anna Lindsten

11. Angel of the North Tree Topper, by Susan Bradley

There are so many great products, so make sure to check out the full list! Blog and Buy Sale Christmas Wish List will run until December 28th.

Back in Stock! Good Vibes prints and postcards.

Hello! I just restocked my Folksy Store with ‘Be Happy’ and ‘Chin Up!’ postcards and A3 posters

The A3 posters are printed on beautiful, 235gsm satin photo paper with a semi-gloss finish. The postcards come in packs of six and are printed on 100% recycled, 280gsm matte card stock. I made them as an antidote to rainy day gloom, and I recommend tacking them up above your desk for those days when grumpiness sets in!







Head over to my store and have a look!

Weekly Inspiration: Black + White + Neon.

Hello! This is a weekly feature where I share my photos with you. I carry my camera everywhere, and I’m always taking pictures of things that excite me. Prepare to see lots of colours, patterns and good times through my lens!

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour20-02My latest jumper + necklace combo. It’s still really cold in London, so I’m trying to keep my winter clothes interesting!

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour20-04I’ve been eating a lot more soft boiled eggs since I bought these fluoro plastic egg cups. Aren’t they great? (Yes.)

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour20-07Speaking  of fluoro, I think this is the brightest lunch I’ve ever had.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour20-08So. I’d been perving on this mug from Design House Stockholm for a very long time…so when I spotted its doppelgänger on sale for a mere 95p in a charity shop, I had to buy it! So, so pleased.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour20-05Now, this was even more exciting than the mug. I was photographing specimens at the museum when this label caught my eye. It’s one of Charles Darwin‘s own specimens! Argh! This resulted in a complete fangirl meltdown moment.


These biscuits are Iced VoVos, a favourite treat from my Aussie childhood. I finally cracked open the box I’d brought back from my holiday last December, and they were good.

Helena-Maratheftis-weekincolour20-06On my desk this week: Jars of paint water, bowls of fruit, and brand new drawings.

It has been a bright and jam-packed week! What have you been up to?

Thefty and the Blog & Buy Sale Spring Wishlist!

Hello! I’m very excited to announce that two of my prints have been selected for the Blog & Buy Sale Spring Wishlist! You can see my items here and here.

The wishlist is a showcase of ‘the very best creative products from independent artists & designers’, and runs until the 5th of May. I’m thrilled to have my posters selling alongside the work of so many other brilliant designers – If you want to see some of my favourites, scroll to the end of this post.

Helena-Maratheftis-blog-buy-sale-1 Helena-Maratheftis-blog-buy-sale-2It was very difficult to choose favourites from the wishlist, as there are too many great items to choose from. However, here’s a small list of items which really caught my eye.

Thefty’s Top Picks:

Beardy Man Malcolm Cushion, by Laura Gee Illustration

Sign Language ‘Well Done’ Card, by JollyGoodStudio

Miss Floral Hand Illustrated Shoes, by Sam Pierpoint

Badger Stud Earrings, by A Girl Called Boz

Woodland Critters Temporary Tattoos, by DB Illustrations

Knit & Loop Mug and Plate Set, by Room 39

Cheetah Says Fuck Off A4 Giclee Print, by Laura Gee Illustration

Solitude Screen Print, by Enclosed Spaces

And, of course, don’t forget to check out my posters!

Be Happy A3 Poster, by Thefty

Chin Up! A3 Poster, by Thefty

New Posters In Store!

Hello! I’ve revamped my online store and I have a new set of posters in stock!

If you want something on your wall that oozes colour and good vibes, then you’re in luck! The posters are printed on beautiful, 235gsm satin photo paper with a semi-gloss finish, and come in two sizes (A3 and A2). Check them out here.


Exciting News! Cushions For Sale!

Hello! Last week I told you about the Ohh Deer Pillow Fight competition. Since then, there has been an exciting twist:



I’m sorry to get all CAPSy on you, but I had to shout it. See, everyone who submitted a cushion design will have their design put into the Ohh Deer shop for three weeks only. After that, only the best-selling designs will remain in the Ohh Deer shop.

If you’ve always wanted a piece of artiness in your home, now’s your chance!  I would love your support, as it would be amazing to see my designs in the main collection by Ohh Deer.

To buy a cushion, Click HERE and HERE!

Remember that Christmas is coming up and colourful cushions make great gifts (wink, wink). I understand that not everybody is in the market for a cushion, but I’d really appreciate it if you could help me to spread the word! Tell your friends!

A Very Thefty Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick reminder that my online store is open for Christmas shopping, with the last UK orders going out on December 17th. There are Christmas cards galore, as well as colourful art prints and postersphotographic prints, and original paintings too!

You could get these for a dinosaur lover, or this poster for someone who’s an Apple junkie! There’s a print for a book lover here, and something for a sweet-tooth over here. Oh, and what about your lover? Wouldn’t they like this? (The answer is yes.)

Prices start from £1.50, and a large A2 print is less than £33. I try to price my prints and cards so that people like me can afford them!

Thanks to everyone whose already done their shopping in my store. If you fancy anything, please get your orders in quick! There’s only a week to go!

Thefty @ Sunday Upmarket

Guess what? I’m taking my wares and hitting Brick Lane! For the last four Sundays before Christmas (dates below) I’ll be selling Christmas cards, prints and posters at the Sunday Upmarket on London’s Brick Lane.

I’ll be sharing a stall with two creative ladies (see here and here). If you’ll be in East London doing your Christmas shopping, make sure to come and say hello!

Click here to view the Facebook event!

Market dates: Nov 27th / Dec 4th / Dec 11th / Dec 18th

Of course, if you’re not in London, then you can still shop online. Check out my shop over here!